F. A. Q

1. When does a couple need to consult an infertologist?

When a women fails to conceive after at least one year of unprotected sexual intercourse the couple needs to consult an infertologist.

2. What are the causes for infertility?

In one-third of all cases the male is directly responsible, in one-third bother partners are at fault and in the remaining third the cause is attributed to female partner.

3. What can be the faults in the male partner?

The following are some of the causes:
a. Disorders in sperm production
b. Obstruction in the pathway
c. Sexual dysfunction (erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction)
d. Low sperm count & mobility
e. Unexplained reasons

4. What are the causes of female infertility?

The following are some of the causes:
a. Dyspareunia (severe pain during intercourse ) and vaginal causes
b. Congenital problems in the genital tract
c. Infections in the lower genital tract
d. Cervical factors
e. Uterine causes - like - septate uterus, tuberculosis, fibroid, and malformations
f. Blockage of fallopian tubes
g. Polycystic ovaries (PCOD)
h. Endometriosis
i. Endocrine factors (thyroid dysfunction, pituitary gland dysfunction, hyperprolactinaemia and hypothalamic disorders)
j. Unexplained reasons

5. How our lifestyle affects conception?

Lack of exercise,smoking and alcoholism, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, stress, sleep deprivation are some of the causes for increased incidence of infertility.

6. What are the treatments available for an infertile couple?

Basically the treatments depends upon the cause for infertility. Both partners have to be evaluated to find out the reason for infertility. Then an infertologist plans the specific treatment according to the diagnosis that may include:
a. IUI
c. IVF
e. Surgical sperm retrieval
f. Surrogacy
g. Donor Programming
h. FET

7. What are all the tests a female partner should undergo?

The tests can include the following:
a. Hormone assay / Blood test
b. USG (Baseline scan)
c. Follicular Tracking
d. HSG
e. Hysteroscopy (if needed)
f. Diagnostic Laparoscopy (if needed)